2007 Season Recap

Metromint Cycling sprinted, climbed and time trialed to an impressive 32 wins this season. I?m going to say that again just so it?ll sink in . . . 32 wins! That?s double the number of wins from last season.

Women?s Category 2 rider Jane Robertson tallied up the most wins with six, including her final spectacular win at the Giro di San Francisco in front of the home crowd and her two District Championships ? the NCNCA Master?s Criterium Championships and the Women?s 40+ NCNCA District Road Race Championships. (Did I mention that she won those two District Championships in one weekend?)

Women?s Category 2 rider Molly Van Houweling was the next most prolific winner with four wins including the NCNCA District Time Trial Championships and the Women?s 30+ NCNCA District Championship Road Race.

Men?s Category 2 member Jared Barrilleaux and Women?s Category 3 rider Laurie Simonson each chalked up three wins for the team including Jared?s win of the under 23 NCNCA District Road Race Championships.

Julie Baird was the most plentiful winner in the Category 4 squad with two wins including her win of the Giro di San Francisco with a gutsy last lap attack while wearing the Bay Area Women?s Points Series Leader?s jersey.

In addition to the five District Championships mentioned above, Women?s Category 2 rider Amanda Eaken won the NCNCA District Women?s Road race by the width of a mint leaf in a photo finish and fellow Category 2 member Jen Joynt won the Women?s 35+ NCNCA District Championship Road Race.

Other team members who were first across the line during this season were: Dan Blomgren (Island View Classic), Shaun Durkan (Madera Stage Race ? Individual Time Trial), Melissa Frost (Albany Criterium), Max Haines-Stiles (Mt. Hamilton Road Race), Kristin Kosglow (Steinbeck County Criterium), Jessica Layman (Specialized/Sierra Nevada Criterium), MaryAnn Levenson (Beat the Clock Time Trial), Sarah Miller (Santa Cruz Criterium), Ryan Parnes (Lafayette Criterium), Pat Pecknold (Menlo Park Criterium), Monique Quandt (Ronde van Brisbeen Omnium), Fred Stamm (ICCC Dash for Cash).

The team traipsed all over California, Nevada and other parts of the United States to compete in 133 different races. Due to our mint fueled and extra healthy bodies, we finished in the top ten places 282 times. Helooooooooo . . . that?s over two top ten finishes in every race! In the Giro di San Francisco, the team had ten top ten finishes alone. (Say that three times fast!) Forty Metromint Cycling team members finished in the top ten places at least once. Many riders had multiple top ten placings including:

Jane Robertson 30
Amanda Eaken 25
Shaun Durkan 19
Jared Barrilleaux 16
Allison Krasnow 16
Laurie Simonson 15
Molly Van Houweling 15
Julie Baird 12
Monique Quandt 11
Sarah Miller 10
Elis Bradshaw 9
Melissa Frost 9
Jen Joynt 9
MaryAnn Levenson 8
Don Seymour 7
Max Haines-Stiles 7
Jessica Layman 6
Fred Stamm 6
Dan Blomgren 5
Alexis Colin 5
Rob Dahl 5
Kristin Kosglow 5
Ryan Parnes 5
Heather D?Eliso Gordon 4
Pat Pecknold 4
Justin Dowdall 3
Dan Adkins 2
Todd Kohli 2
Sarah Lightfoot 2
Evan Pickett 2
Marcela Smid 2