We?ve gathered to honor
a wonderful crew

And take this partnership
into year number two.

But first let?s reflect
a short, joyful review

Of a few of the highlights
for those racing dots blue.

Things started out fast
right out of the gate

Metromint all around
and the reception was great!

The racing was hot
the water was cool

A killer combination
that made other folks drool

The good word spread
with quickening pace.

If Ella was spotted
at your local town race

Then bikers should stop by
and help sample a case

(There were even requests
right during a race!)

And the bike world took note
of that fast riding crew

As they racked up the wins
in those cool dots of blue.

Soon many a smile
drooped into a frown

When competitors spotted
the ?Dot Mafia? in town.

But it was all done in good fun
with nothing but class

For the dots always smiled
while kicking your?.

(Ahem?While filling your glass)

But it didn?t end there,
yes the accolades flowed,

When the Metromint racers
took their show on the road.

Yes, even when off
on some far racing stint

The racers spread news
of that cool Metromint.

In Oregon, Idaho,
Wisconsin and Illinois,

Everyone tried it
and loved it..Oh Boy!

And to cap it all off
like a true bike racing hero

Metromint graciously sponsored
our own SF Giro!

But it?s time to move on
and build more notoriety

With more bike racing wins
and two new water varieties.

So please lift your glass
of water crisp cool and clean

To the best thing that?s happened
to this bike racing scene!

- By Allison Krasnow and Mike Boals